It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the upcoming contractors in the Bangalore City. We Noel Constructions Company Pvt. Ltd., started our business during 1990 as a Partnership firm and during 2007, we have registered as Private Limited firm.

Workplace - Health & Safety
During the year Group businesses have continued with the aim of creating and maintaining safe sites through concentrating on basic issues, in conjunction with focusing on health and safety leadership at all levels and linking everything to our Behavioural Safety Leadership Programme.

A series of objectives and targets have been set which encompass safety, health and environment issues to ensure that the Group’s sustainability aspirations are fully supported and include a target of achieving an AIR of zero.

The commitment to raise the level of occupational health awareness has resulted in Noel Construction being short-listed in the Occupational Health in Construction category

Workplace - Employees & Training
Our Services division has in place a nationwide programme targeting young people in care and working with our clients and partners, helping them to make the successful transition from education into employment. As many of our clients are public sector, we aim to share our clients’ corporate parenting responsibilities as one of their close partners.

Our ability to apply the highest standards of training delivery to our people wherever we work can be seen throughout our business. This approach has led to our success in recruiting a local workforce

Continuing the performance management theme, throughout 2011 significant work has been undertaken to provide greater structure and consistency with respect to the process of assessing and managing performance. This has included consultation with the business to develop a framework of competencies designed to assist managers and their teams in identifying the skills required to achieve business outcomes. As each competency is defined at four levels, line managers and their teams should be able to readily recognise the appropriate level of skill for their role. This is supported by revised documentation to facilitate the performance management process. Built around the competency framework, the output documentation provides a meaningful summary of individuals’ strengths and development areas, which can be readily aligned with appropriate learning solutions.

Marketplace - Customers & Supply Chain
noel Construction is an active supporter of the Strategic Forum for Construction and we were early signatories of the 2012 Construction Commitments. Under this commitment, we support and will educate clients to help them meet the SFC Clients’ Commitments. As a client in our own right,

Community Engagement
Noel Construction employees are very good at ‘putting something back’ into the communities wherever we operate. However, when it comes to reporting just how much goes on, we are probably a bit too modest. Our CR vision is to ‘deliver a brighter future for our communities’. We are therefore keen to address the need to recognise exactly how much time and money our businesses contribute to charities and good causes and identify our direct impact upon these communities

Our overseas operations have also been actively engaged within the communities in which they are presently working.

Considerate Constructors Scheme
When looking at Group average scores for individual categories it is encouraging to see that ‘safe’ continues to be at the top of the scoreboard. The safety of the general public is always at the forefront of all our project teams and this is reflected in an average scores,

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